MOORA – Writer in residence

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My hunt for tales of ghosts, bushrangers, strange animals, characters, lost treasures, bush yarns and contemporary legends plus folklore and folklife around the local area continues.

As such,this Friday, and the following two Fridays incidentally, from 1 to 4pm, I will be at


1/13 Dandaragan Street, Moora.

Should you have a yarn you wish to pass on that you think both interesting, and would like to see in print,  come in, sit down, let me buy you a coffee, and tell me.  Tell me every detail, bring maps and photo’s and news paper clippings; but most importantly, bring your voice.


Also, even if you don’t have a story, and would like to come in for a coffee and a yarn anyway, just do it. I am ‘pro’ yarn/chin wag.


Being the dodgiest of individuals, I am setting my diary up, starting at 1300, running until 1430; the cafe shuts at 4 anyway, and give me a time that you would like to come in.

So, either email me at; text me on 0418393742;, however I am not much of a tweeter, and I have only just opened the account; message me on facebook and I will set it up  from there.

Once more, thank you so much for the interest people have shown with this, it makes all the difference.

So, to reiterate, Kumquat Mae, 1pm to 2.30pm, the 20th of November 2015.,+Moora+WA+6510/@-30.6397668,116.0019519,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x2bcdea5a04a2ee97:0xa9d4b5c6cb36ad87?hl=en




Hells teeth! I forgot, click the picture up above, there is a ‘Fat Cop’ embedded inside it.



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