MOORA – Room 4 & 5; a tale of the departed




The weekend beckons!  Woohoo!


I have just return to Chateaux Mal d’Mer Poisson from the delectable delight that is Kumquot Mae. Two fantastic coffee’s later, and below is that that I amassed whilst within its heady confines.



“No one was booked into room’s 4 & 5 last night, were they?”



The recently hung multicoloured curtain flapped with a muted stiffness, belying its newness to any that considered it worthy of thought. It’s movement, due to the semilanguid breeze insinuating itself into the upstairs hotel room via the, now open also, wooden framed window. Said window facing northwest, sun slinking in, offering views of a veranda scheduled for repair, and a small rural town thereafter, its level of mid-morning alertness set to ‘doze’.


Two women, both attractive, one possibly a generation senior to the other; the pair baring youthful exuberance and genetic similarities, pondered upon the scene before them.


“It looks like a child has been in here and jumped on the beds.” said the senior of the two.


“Well, no one was booked into either of the rooms, and we haven’t had anyone checking in with kids for ages Mum.” matter of factly stated the younger of the lasses. “Plus, I only just opened the window, and it was locked.”


Conversation over, quizzical thoughts settling within the minds of the slightly bemused hotel staff falling into step with the routine of stripping and remaking of those particular beds.



“Hey Mum.”


“Yes dear.”


“You remember how we thought someone had been jumping on the beds of rooms 4 & 5 a few weeks ago,” said the younger of the two women,  “well, it’s happened again. Plus someone has been moving things around, toiletries and stuff, that I had put out on the desk, and they’ve put them on to the top of shelves and things in the room. It wasn’t you was it?”


“Really? Oh, no, it wasn’t me, and I’ve been the only person up there lately.  Actually, the last couple of people we’ve put into those rooms have all said they were unable to sleep in there, but they couldn’t figure out why? It’s a bit odd isn’t it?”


“Hmmmmm…………… certainly is. I might talk to Dad and see if there is any security footage of anyone going up stairs, or onto the veranda. But it is a bit weird.”



Time, apparently a passage, slips by; one month into the next, and the world around the bustling wee burg in the Central Midlands has started to warm itself in the spring sun.


“This is amazing, I think we might be best to leave the rooms locked up. I’ve had a word to your father, and nobody has been in or out of those rooms, yet I’ve made the beds up half a dozen times. It is definitely a child doing the jumping, I can tell by the size of the footprints it leaves on the bed spread.” Say’s Mum completely objectively, not a hint of emotion creeping around the edges of her voice, nor the sides of her mouth.


“Yes, the toiletries in there are still being shuffled around, and I have heard noises, sort of quiet thumping, coming out of there recently. Dad reckons we ought to leave it locked up and use them only as last resort when we are completely full, and I tend to agree.”


With that, the rooms have been locked up, and, whilst not entirely forgotten, have been left to their own devices.


Hotel guests, however unwitting, are still mentioning noises heard during the night, and all are specific to one area of the hotel.  Noises described as “a child jumping on a bed…………”


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