Another trip down the winding road of Moora, and of those with murder in their heart.





PERTH (W.A.), July 31. 1913

Sensational developments have occurred in connection with the mysterious case of poisoning at Moora.

On tho morning of July 10 a railway fitter named McClaynan, a married man, set out for duty along the railway line, taking with him his midday, lunch. When “crib’ time carnoround McClayman noticed that one of his sandwiches in his lunch had a ‘decidedly disagreeable flavour, and,after biting a piece of it, ho threwit away. McClayman ; a little later had á seizure, and a dog which devoured portion of the food which McClayman had thrown away died promptly afterwards. McClayman recovered, and, on returning to him home, told his wife what had happened. Mrs. McClayman then, it seems, also had something similar to tell. She said that during the day sho had noticed a strange flavour about certain food in the house, and had thrown it out. The house cat had, devoured this food, and had immediately died in the yard.

The Criminal Investigation authorities promptly interested themselves in the affair] Detective-Sergeant Condon,being detailed to probe the whole matter. Sergeant Condon visited Moora a day or – so after the incident was notified, and returned to the city,bringing with lum some of the organs of the dead animal for examination at the hands of the Government Analyst. ‘tho analytical examination showed that strychnine was the cause of death, and Sergeant Condon returned to Moora again. Last night the Criminal Investigation authorities received a telegram, setting out that McClayman’swife, Mary Jane McClayman, had been arrested at Carnamah during the day in connection with the poisoning affair.”

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.) – Friday 1 August 1913


If you click on the picture above, and the ‘Devil went down to………’ Moora?


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