Terror in Moora!


Rabbit without a cause

Hello world!


Heinous bloody murder! Villains, thieves, rouges and scallywags! Things that go bump in the night!  Curiouser and curiouser the tell tale weave of mystery ensnares all its dastardly tendrils encounter! And why damn it?! “Why?!” I hear you scream, as tears the size of October cabbages meander haphazardly down your grim yet resolute cheeks, as your lust for story, unpiqued, drives the madness of desire ever onward!


Pffffftttttttt…………………what a load of bollocks.


What I really want to say is “THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!” for your continuing involvement in this wee project of mine.  Now, what I really need is more stories.


So, send me your stories. Tell me of the that thing that scared three decades from you; let me know about the murder that happened one hundred years ago, and it took an age to catch the man on the run; your story about the ‘insert place name beast’, and the mammoth that escaped from the circus thirty years ago, and still roams wild to this day in your back paddock.


To make my point clear and repetitive, please tell me your stories; also, if you could, because let’s face it, I’m about as dodgy as they come, could you share this post as far and wide as you can.


You are all the best, (oh, click the picture before I forget to remind you. Rock and roll and the Rolling Stones), and I would not be writing this if not for you. Oh, and remember to come and see me any weekday at the Miling Hotel, but let me know if you are coming, that way I will make sure I’m there.


*Where to send your stories ->




Text only – 0418393742

And remember to like the pages!


Love you long time,






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