The squid and the ship


As I am now working out of the Miling Hotel, I thought it about time I ran an article on some of the pubs history. Read on.


BURNT BODY FOUND Man’s Death At Miling Hotel MILING, April 18: Smoke coming from a room attached to garages at the rear of the Miling Hotel led to the discovery today of the partly burnt body of Daniel Segrue (about55), a labourer.A plumber who was working on the roof of the building became suspicious when he noticed smoke coming from the room about 10 o’clock and notified the hotelkeeper who opened the door to the room which immediately burst into flames.It was only after the fire was extinguished that Segrue’s body was found on the floor near a bed on which the mattress and clothes were completely burnt.So intense was the heat that glasses stored in boxes were melted and the wall charred. Itis believed that a cigarette buttmay have caused the fire.Sgt. McDonald, of Moora, is making inquiries. – The West Australian, Thursday the 19th of April, 1951.

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