A wee bit of Victoria Plains history.


Our Victoria Plains correspondent, writing on the 27th inst. says : ” A murder was committed last Sunday night, in the bush, a short distance from Brown’s hotel. The victim was a woman known as Christina Birkenshaw, the wife of a hawker, but who has been cohabiting with the man charged with her murder, a shepherd named Cole. An inquest was held on the body of the deceased, at New Norcia, and a verdict of wilful murder was returned against Charles Cole, who, it appeared from the evidence, deliberately cut the unfortunate womans throat with a razor. – The West Australian, Tuesday the 31st of October, 1882.

Unlucky for some, click the picture above. ‘A tale they won’t believe’ by Weddings, Parties, Anything. A remarkable song telling the story of ‘The cannibal of Sarah Island’, who was a man of Irish descent, sent to Van Diemen’s Land for the theft of six pairs of shoes. Again, unlucky for some.


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