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Scary on a much different level to my normal post. I originally published this in 2013, where I don’t know, but that was the file I found it in, and the incident had me in stitches at the time. Yes, I know it is rude to laugh at people, sometimes, well, sometimes we just do.


Read on!


Yesterday, driving back from my writers meeting in Perth, I stopped for fuel at a fairly large service station. ‘Gingers’ for those with local knowledge. Now, I am sure that the majority of Australians do this, but I most definitely get a pretty good giggle out of the weekend Harley riders you see around. Big shiny bikes, people dressed in their coolest leathers, all with an air of pseudo ‘real deal’ about them; you get the drift. Lots of those join pretend bikie gangs and stitch the equivalent of girl guide/boy scout badges to themselves for that extra ‘cool and tough’, neither of which they are.

Standing waiting for my coffee to arrive, I overheard the conversation of two super hard, leather clad, 40 something year old women speaking slightly louder than necessary behind me. Every second word began with an inappropriate ‘f’, and I was doing my very best not to laugh out loud at the hardcore bikies they poorly attempted to be.

One equally leather clad gent, but subtly more practical in appearance, leant over to one of the women and said “For Christ’s sake dear, watch your language.” or words to that effect. In a snarling cacophony, she replied “I’m a effing biker, I can say what I effing like!!”

His laughed and loud response to his wife being, “You’re a pathologist dear.”

Not another word was said.


Click the picture above, I’m not sure what, but something follows. Flight of the Conchords I’ve decided.


Love you all long time,








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