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  1. Is this based on a true story?


    1. Yes it is. Thank you for reading it!

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      1. Why does it seem more shocking when the serial killer is a woman?
        Thanks for sharing, these real life crimes are interesting – though tragic, of course.


        1. I often wonder that myself. My only conclusion is that women are identified as care givers from the earliest memories of a child, where as men are not. As a result of that, murder is seen as the opposite end of the spectrum, and can be taken as a grotesque subconscious anomaly.

          Aside, when I was initially told of this incident, I found it nearly impossible to research as the Magistrate presiding over the case had a blanket suppression order, the weightiest in his power, placed upon it. From what I understand one reason was that the killer was already dead, and those poor murdered souls have yet to be identified, so horrific were their injuries. Secondly, the family in question not only remains in the area, but is the family of a very highly placed and respected federal politician of the time.

          Basically, all I had to work with was the account from Mrs. Hudson’s extended family. Obviously that is not her real name, and the incredible tale they passed on to me.

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          1. Re. women seen as caregivers – yes, I can see that this is the lens women are seen through. I am a woman myself, have met cold women and know we all have dark sides…yet, for a woman to murder as a psychopath (bad not mad), is shocking.
            Psychopathy fascinates me since I find it so difficult to grasp that there are people without conscience. How must that feel?!
            This story you investigated…the facts of it…wow, it sounds like a work of fiction…
            Well done for your investigations 🙂


            1. Thank you. I initially took it as some sort of urban myth, heavily embellished over the years. Horrifically, it is anything but.

              Aside, thank you so much for your comments. I am flattered you have taken the time to read, aside, I will now leave you to it, and keep on with the day.



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