NEW NORCIA: Moonrise at 8.28pm – Russell Philips & Cath R. Wood – Episode 3

Great minds



As if on ascent from the heavens, the world exploded around them in a car sized circle of the most brilliant white light, light released from directly above. Light that had absolutely nothing to do with the vehicle they were standing beside, consuming them in entirety………………………………… 


……………………………Without conscious thought, Cath closed the gap between herself and Russ. Gently pressed against him, shading her eyes with her left hand, she looked directly upward and strained to see into the light, finding herself staring into a pure illuminated whiteness with the strength of the sun.

“There’s no noise.” said the awed Russ, “it’s absolutely silent. The temperature hasn’t changed, and the light is exactly above us.”

Cath found herself glancing from the light above, and looked into his face, finding his gaze sweeping from the light to everything around them, paying absolute attention to the situation, noting that the light had only surrounded themselves and the small Holden. Feeling him move away from her, she extended her right hand, gently wrapped her fingers around his left elbow, to be slowly drawn along behind him; turning for greater sensory input as he did. Stationary once more, he extended an arm to the edge of the light. At its edge, fingers poised to go beyond its boundary, the light slowly spread out further, as if in anticipation of his movement. Testing the same theory, this time in reverse, he stepped slowly back until he and Cath had their backs pressed against the dark paintwork of the car causing him an odd, almost electric ‘tingling’ sensation through the denim of his jeans; the light withdrew in until it reached his toe’s. Perplexed, he turned his head to face the east, focussing on the big moon, yet something didn’t look quite right about it. It now looked somehow blurred as if he saw it with slight double vision, or beer goggles.

“There’s no wind either.” said Cath reading his mind. “No noise, no breeze, and everything is really still. Russ, what is happening?” Fear starting to creep into the deeper recesses of her brilliant mind.

As Cath finished speaking, Russ pulled his phone back out of the pocket of his jeans, looked at it, and then put it back away. Still no signal, cheers Telstra.

“Cath, look at your watch, and tell me what the time is.” he asked, withdrawing a black ball point pen from his top pocket.

“Eight thirty eight.”

“Now, turn on the stop watch.” To which she did as he wrote in large numerals ‘8.38’ onto the back of his hand.

Walking back to the driver’s side door, Russ extended his hand to open it, and with a yelp, pulled his hand back from the door handle.

“The car just gave me an electric shock!” he said with a start, and turned back to face Cath. Stopping immediately, not quite looking at Cath, appearing more to focus on the Holdens roof.

“Ahhh…….Cath, can you see your reflection in any of the windows? Humour me and just have a look, will you.”

It was Caths turn to give a yelp. This time at the image of herself in the rear right passenger seat window. Her magnificent sable hair was standing completely on end. Lifting one hand slowly to touch it, her hair bent away from her hand at her scalp, moving as if the force of a pair of magnets were at work, one opposing the other.

“Does it hurt?” asked Russ, his glances becoming more furtive as he looked from her, around the car, and back again. “Not at all.” was her reply.

“Ok,” he said, reaching for and taking her hand, her gaze still fixed upon the reflection of her Aphrodite like face in the window.”we are going to step into the middle of the road, and see what happens. Quick, take you shirt and bra off.”

With a double blink she turned her beautiful face toward his, a perfectly shaped eyebrow lifting in question “what?”. Her attention diverted, he turned, spinning her to face the road, and wholeheartedly  dragged her by the hand, making sure she was firmly pulled against him as they stopped on a broken white traffic line in the centre of the bitumen road.

“What are you doing Russ! Your grip is hurting me!”

In the manner of a lense being opened, light had spread with their move on to the road, still holding the pair within its boundary. Slowly turning back to face the car, jaws hanging, Russ and Cath took in the sight of the enormous midnight black phantom on the roof languidly extending its legs, and watched in absolute horror as the impossibly big otherworldly beast stepped down on to the bonnet, denting it under its weight…………..


To be continued.


Click the picture up above, it’s the ‘Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros’.









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