Lights ‘whirled like the propellers of ships’ – 1909 article.




This is the first time I have branched out of the local area within this blog, as I am starting to run out of locally derived (M. VP. DN.) tales of folklore, folklife, and events. As such, this newspaper clipping crossed my desk just now.


Please, read on.

“Lights ‘whirled like the propellers of ships’

The August 9, 1909 edition of the Argus newspaper reported that the Reverend B Cozens came to the paper’s offices to report seeing multicoloured lights in the sky.

Cozens said he saw the lights while staying at a farm in Kangaroo Ground, which he said “commands a splendid view” of the ranges.

“At 10 o’clock on Saturday night my wife and I saw two beautiful revolving lights high up in the air above the Dandenong Range,” Cozens told the Argus.

“These lights whirled like the propellers of ships, slowed down, dipped, and rose again, as if they were beating up in a zig-zag course against the wind.”

He said the lights were six miles (9.7 kilometres) apart and were flying half a mile (800 metres) above the range.

“They changed from white to red and then to blue, as if they were revolving beacons with three-coloured slides,” he said.

Cozens said he called out to a neighbour who came with his two sons and watched the lights with Cozens and his wife until midnight.

After retiring briefly, Cozens said he rose again at 2:00am to see five more lights, moving dimly in the distance.

“The whole impression of their movements was that of machinery,” he said.” – This exert can be found within this article -> century-old-melbourne-ufo-report-


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