New Norcia – Bill & Dot

The History of the Devil


Headline – ‘Late Night Intruder’

Bill, 86 years of age, resident of Calingiri – New Norcia Road, New Norcia, Western Australia, 6509, was rudely awakened in the early hours of Sunday morning, the 6th of March.

Upon waking to “a bloody odd sound, let me tell you!” Bill exited the rear of his house, one of his Great Grandson’s cricket wickets filling his hand, to examine his backyard. What he found was something completely unexpected. A fully grown female kangaroo dog.

“I got out the back near me cabbages, an’ there’s this bloody great ‘roo dog there. I couldn’t believe me bloody eyes! It weren’t until I saw the tail of me cat Sardine hangin’ out of its mouth that I did me quince, and knocked the bastard on the head.”

 Later that morning, the Police arrived at Bill and Dots door, asking if either of them if they had seen a particular dog that had allegedly been killing sheep on a property nearby. Purely out of curiosity, the younger of the two Police questioned Bill as to exactly what he was doing when they pulled up? He replied “buryin’ me cat.” When asked if he had seen the missing dog, he said yes, he was burying it.

In confusion, the Police said they thought he was burying the cat, he said he was.


“It was in the bloody dog.”


No further questions were asked.



Click the picture above, it turns out ‘The Dogs Are Talking’.




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