Easter, my daughter ‘nailed’ it.

Mad Hatter

One night when my daughter Bella was 5 or 6, now nearly 15, and I was putting her to bed, she asked me about Jesus, just in time for Easter incidentally. After establishing that he came back after three days post crucifixion, she wanted to know a couple of things about him. All I can remember of her questions were a) – “did he smell a dead sheep on Poppy’s farm, like the one that died near the house dam last summer?”; and b) – I blame her elder sister her for this incidentally, “If he came back after three days smelling like a dead sheep, would he be a zombie and want to eat everyone’s brains?”  as is the purity of innocence, all was said in complete sincerity. Doing my best not to laugh and maintain a straight face, as she was genuinely concerned. My answer to her was to ask Granny, my mother, the next day when we saw her.

Which she did.

At the table.

Over lunch.

My dad cracked up laughing and snorted black tea through his left nostril and onto the floor, my mother, 40 year career in Catholic Education as a teacher, was jaw dropped stumped. Go Bella! I don’t remember what mum eventually said incidentally.

Righto, Good Friday is tomorrow, and we will be dining on fish, and under no circumstances driving anywhere.

Please be safe this Easter, just because Jesus came back from the dead does not mean you will. Click the picture up at the top, RocKwiz: Vanda and Young Special follows, and I think it is pretty awesome.

Love you all inappropriately,





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