“Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”



WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE STORY at THERE BE MONSTERS HERE? Tell me, tell me now! I am back editing, and I need to get it out to a publisher.


Hey ho World.


This is the one hundred and second ‘There Be Monsters Here’ blog post. ‘Hooray’ I hear you cry from the nose bleed section. ‘So what?’ is echoed from below. Well, one hundred posts was my initial target, with the notion of selecting 10 of those to use as the opening chapters of ‘Scurvy Dog’, the book I am putting together as a collected work of short stories specific to the Shires of Victoria Plains, Moora, and Dandaragan.  The yarns are about pretty much anything, although my targeted area’s are tales of ghosts, bush rangers, strange animals, characters, lost treasures, bush yarns and contemporary legends plus folklore and folklife around the local area. As a result of putting the editor cap, I will not be posting to the blog until the job is done.


If you know any, please tell me.


After editing and submission, I’m (fingers crossed) heading down to meet with the senior citizens at the Delmore Centre in Moora, and hopefully hear a yarn or two that I am able to bolt to a page.


Thank you everyone once more for all of your continuing support and interest. Click on the picture above, and something should jump out from it.









text only – 0418393742

All posts and associated intellectual properties regards ‘therebemonstershere.com’ remain ©The World Turned Upside Down.



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