07 August, 1914.

Time is an arrow
With ANZAC Day around the corner, I thought a snippet from the local paper of the time was in order. Read on.
In common.with the rest of the1
civilized (?) world the war in Europe
has been the all absorbing topic in
Moora and along the Midland line.
Since the “special” issued from
this office on Monday morning1 an
nouncing Austria’s attack on Servia,
we have had a special telegraphic
service from Perth transmitting the
latest cables from Europe. Each,
day two to three ” specials” con
taining the latest news have been
issued from the ” Midlands Adver
tiser ” office and circulated through
out the district. ” By this means the
residents in and around Moora have
had the news from the scene of the
struggle almost as soon as received
in Perth.
Unfortunately owing to the great
extent of country our circulation
covers it is impossible for the ma
jority of our readers to obtain these
specials. < To overcome that diffi
culty as far as possible, where tele
phone facilities exist country readers
can ring up Moora Tel. 23 (the
” Midlands Advertiser ‘) between
the hours of 11 a.m. and mid-day,
and 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., when the
latest intelligence will be made
available to them. Unless some de
cisive news arrives specials will not
be issued next week. The news will
be displayed outside the office window.”
– The Midlands Advertiser 07 August 1914, page 5. The Midlands Advertiser
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