Enter Girl Germ!

And the devil did smoke

Walking with the kindergarten class to the library, Tilly Moncreiff found herself in a situation she hated more than anything, having to hold hands with the child beside her. A small boy, his name was irrelevant as far as she was concerned. He had a face like boiled meat, and an intellect to match, Tilly’s dark side stepped to the fore of her young sharp mind, resultant, she grinned the manic smile of the Cheshire Cat at the pathetic ease she would take this mark.

Tilly belonged to a centuries old deep black resistance movement. Such was the movement that it had often been likened to the mafia and the yakuza. She and her confederates traded in hard lollies, running skipping and cartwheel rings; librarybooknapping organisations had sprung up within their regional chapters; their iron grip infiltrating daycare centre’s and after school activities. Stand over girls were in every classroom, everywhere. They controlled the mat, the book corner was feared by all, their global impact being so great that the toy and pencil share market could be crippled with a wink, its impact destroying outside play and colouring for weeks, if not the remainder of a term.  

Boys were a daily anathema, treated without remorse, the minor monsters, the stinky cootie filled testicled enemy were seen and dealt with without impunity immediate upon identification. The greatest weapon available to the girls of the movement beyond ‘telling the teacher/mum on you’ and ‘ganging up on them’, was the ultimate biological weapon. A weapon so utterly devastating, undetectable as to be a non-existent unknown fist of wrath to any and all authoritarian figure and staff room alike, swift and merciless, entirely lethal, and without prevention nor cure . Enter the ‘Girl Germ’.

The stinky sticky grubby irrelevant boy died later that night. The school mourned him the following morning, and Tilly’s reputation with in the ‘Skorts Alliance’ grew.  The ‘Girl Germ’ proving as swift, deadly and untraceable as always.

Over the years, Tilly was to succeed, escalating to the rank of General (In Rocking Leggings) [G.I.R.L.]. The world was hers and she took it.




Click the picture of Lu Cifer above, a ‘tough girl’ song is there. HUGE LANGUAGE WARNING










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