You wired me awake, and hit me with a hand of broken nails

Cthulhu Wars.jpg


“I say there woman, what the devil are you doing?” angrily cried the transparent figure of the slain noble. His bloody carcass lying unnoticed on the ground at his feet.

“Woman?! I’ll give you ‘woman’ you chinless bugger!” said Death.

“How dare one such as you speak to me in such a manner, hag?! I’ll have you flogged!” he screamed.

“Righto Gunga Din, this ordinarily wouldn’t hurt, but with manners such as yours, you won’t believe how much you won’t like this.” And with that, Deaths usual sweep of secateurs was slowed, her tool of trade reversed, and a slow sawing motion began at the centre of his blue necrobilical cord. After hacking away for a good minute with one of the handles, he finally ceased to  scream the scream of the utterly damned.

“Now you muppet, you are free to roam in The Now………” and with that,  Maude, Deaths horse faced and utterly berated daughter-in-law, fired up Death’s beaten up 1967 Volksy, creating a cloud of blue smoke you couldn’t kick a hole in. Two minutes later Death disappeared into the ether of The Now, completely unaware that the bloodied short female figure had witnessed the lot. Such was the power of her bloody red cloak.

“Oh the fun we will have” Gentle Annis laughly said to no one in particular, all whilst deliciously skinning the noble beneath her solid old oak.

Gentle Annis’s cloak was red and wet once more.


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