Kiss me, kill me……………

Steampunk occy

Being dead was better than she could have believed. From where she stood, The Now was definitely her kind of place.  


Arriving and finding a place identical to where she had come from. The oak was there, and so was the cloak attached around her neck, wet and bloody and all powerful. She felt exquisitely alive, more than she had in Then. Most importantly she had listened to Death at the time she freed the noble, she, Gentle Annis, had killed just prior to her own demise. The longer than usual time it took Death in severing the chinless nobles necrobilical cord, combined with the blunt and utterly direct description to him of what he was meant to do upon entering The Now was totally absorbed by her.  


Her movement through time was absolutely no problem for her, mastering it effortlessly, moving both backward and forward beneath her gnarled old oak. Testing it further she moved back to the King’s encampment, slipping backward a day prior to the King’s arrival, through to the day after, only to see herself being drawn by four horses. From there she was quartered before a cheering crowd, and lastly to have her severed head rudely jammed upon a pike by the laughing King himself.
With utter manic glee, and this education behind her, Gentle Annis strode of in the direction of the castle.


Her cloak was beginning to dry, and her anger had begun to grow.



Moohahahaha!!!!!!! Click the picture immediately, Miss Sarajevo follows. I love Pavarotti’s inclusion in this.



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