Bloody fist of love

Fly me to the moon


“Stop right there!” howled Death. “I want to know right now! Before we go any further, do you…………….what?”

“Meatloaf? Seriously?” said an astounded Cat.

“Well you didn’t let much get to the punchline.” Lamented Death. “What I was heading toward was that before you go any further, you need to remember the rules of The Now, and it works.”

“Firstly, no matter what you would like to believe, you are dead in the Then. You may time slip to places you had once been, but no matter what happens, you can not alter anything you did there, or by appearance when you drop in there, anything you are doing there. All you can do is witness yourself from The Now, nothing more.”

“Next, even though the pair of you had endless life in the Then, you were not immortal, as you have both now learnt the hard way. However, life in The Now leaves you and everyone else here at either the precise age you were when I cut your necrobilical cord, OR, if you had of died in old age you would have had the opportunity to return to the age of your choosing, and that, like the time you have picked to remain in here in The Now, is the age you would remain eternally here. On the same track, if you had died before reaching puberty in the Then, or had been murdered/died enslaved/or had lead a truly horrid life through no fault of your own, you would not enter The Now, rather, you would have a second chance to enjoy life, and get re-incarnated into the Then. If you were a Bad person in the Then, you wouldn’t make it into The Now. I would be sending you straight to my old friend Hades, and that soul would be dealt with by him in his own fun filled way.”


“The only way you can die here is if some truly bad bugger kills you, this hardly ever happens just so you know. If you are the bad bugger tormenting or killing people, or decide to form a political party, it is then that I will put my beautiful little Fox Terrier, Mr. Darcy, after you. He will then utterly destroy you, strip the living soul from you, and return it to me. Don’t be fooled by his waggly little tail, he can move anywhere in time and space that I can, both in the Then and through The Now. No one escapes him, and the horrifically violent and grisly end is the only result for you as soon as I set him to the task, no matter how long it takes him, and he can take years. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when he comes for you. He scares even me at times.”

“Other less important things, but things nonetheless, to be aware of are that you will remain able to only wear the clothes you crossed over in. Yes, you can strip off, have a shower, get groovy tattoos, etc, but those clothes will always return to you whether you put them on or not. Plus they are self cleaning. Don’t ask why, just know that it is the way it works.”


“The Now is a place where you have a pocket with a coin in it, and always will do without your adding to it, regardless of how often you spend from it. If you try to abuse it however, just think ‘Mr. Darcy’.”

“There are other things, but lastly and most importantly, The Now is for enjoyment, so enjoy it. It is not a place of stress, hardship, or Mothers-In-Law. No one is any better or any worse than anyone else here, and the only tyrants here are myself, Mr. Darcy, and my three sisters – War, Famine, and that harlot Pestilence.”

“While you think the things you may witness are in the Then, be assured that you are most definitely in The Now, and it is only The Now that counts, just like Absinthe or my opium tea.”

With that, Death made her farewells, opened Cats door, and stepped into the passenger seat of her old and much abused Beetle. Maud gave a terrified little wave, and in a cloud of feral blue smoke, disappeared.

“You know what Cat?” I said. “Death didn’t mention what would happen to us should we fail, and not capture ‘Gentle Annis’. Do you think that was deliberate?”

“I’d rather not think about it.” said Cat. 


Bloody Death. Click the picture above love, and get a little ‘Paradise by the dashboard light’.



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