Tears of the dead

Six of swords


Everything smelt ‘wrong’.


Black Annis stood beside a  suburban flat. She had never seen such a structure, and she began to wonder when the hell she was. The massive old oak had vanished, and the footpath she stood on was in need of minor repair. Perplexed, she turned around, further taking in her surroundings. What she encountered was light horseless carriage traffic moving in either direction on a hard surfaced black road. The noise the vehicles created daunted her through a general lack of familiarity, yet what baffled her most was the apparent lack of coachman controlling the odd shiny juggernauts. One or two had unusual thumping music coming from them, if that is really what it was, as how on earth could a small band of troubadours fit into such a relatively small vehicles?     


Approaching from her left, a dog of no fixed breed walked a twenty something year old woman toward her. She was talking to her hand whilst pressing it against her ear. In addition to this, she was apparently paying absolutely no attention to her surroundings, or anything else as the dog lead her along. Smiling at this utterly strange occurrence, Black Annis slipped the knife from her belt, strode toward the unwitting woman. Laughing riotously, with the force of angered Gods she stabbed her with swift and brutal joy repeatedly in the face.  Turning with the speed of a cocaine fuelled ferret, Black Annis grabbed the dog’s lead, and dragged the mongrel to her. Kicking the dog hard in the side of its shaggy brown head, the dog dropped, Black Annis fell upon it, cutting its head from its body with two well placed slashes, and threw it onto the road.


With a heart filled with love, she dragged the bodies through the little gate into the front garden of the flat, and cut and bled and defiled the delicious carcasses. It took ten minutes for her grotesque cloak was saturated in their hot arterial blood. It stunk of the gore of the horribly slain.
Utter glee encompassing her, Black Annis time slipped away. It would be five hours before the bodies were found.


She felt ever so good.


Click the weeping rabbit, Nick Cave doing what he does best, ever so well.





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  1. Positively chilling! ^_^

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