Opium tea.




“Well, what I want to know,” slurred Bast, a pint of Absinthe filling her dainty left hand, “is what is the religion of a God? No, no, don’t shake your head at me and laugh. But, seriously, if people have a religion specifically because a God has created something, or done something for someone, and people believe in that God enough that it exists, purely because someone believes in it, well, does that God have something they believe in, in the same manner as a person believing in them?”


“A fair question,” replied an equally drunken Cat, ” I guess they would be atheists, but that in itself would be a contradiction, because they, as a God, know they exist. So, I reckon they are probably agnostic. You know, they believe God’s exist, ie – themselves, but if they believe in a higher power, well, buggered if I know really? So, in that case, they probably most likely don’t have any religion whatsoever. They do have a sense of humour though. Sadly, most of the time it is either a bad one, or not one anyone else get’s.”


“Yeah, I reckon they would be big on Dad jokes. Things like ‘pull my finger’, or ‘could you make me a cup of tea Dad’, and then they, God, would tell the child that ‘you are now a cup of tea, I just made you into one’, sort of thing. White and one and on a saucer, with the kid having a whinge about being made into a cup of tea.” continued Bast, finishing her drink and lighting a cigarette.


A bang, loud and earth shaking, large enough to cause dust to move and cause Vikings to believe that the Ice Giants may have just returned, shook the library. Both of the girls to seized their drinks, covering them with the flats of their hands in the same motion. As the dust settled a voice cut through it, “Evening ladies, sorry about the noise. Maude has her nose right out of joint, and slammed the car door a mite hard.” said Death appearing ghost like through the settling detritus. “Having any success with the books so far?”


“Evening Death, and ah, sort of. We’ve been expanding our minds, Lewis Carol and all that sort of thing, and we’ve got a question.” hiccuped Bast. “What is the religion of God, well Gods’?”
“Ha! Go and bloody ask them yourselves. Whilst you’re there, you might want to mention Black Annis, you never know what you might learn. Opium tea anyone?”


Click the picture above, a wee bit of rock n’ roll follows; and remember it’s Friday, so get a little funky tonight.






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    1. Indeed. Did you enjoy it though?

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      1. rosemawrites says:

        Yes. Too amazed to typemo re. 😉


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