Split that gut with a rusty razor


The conversation at ‘The Feisty Infidel’, the chosen pub for the post interview debrief, was initially subdued. Bast and Cat, very much the novices in the hunt for anyone throughout the places and times across The Now, were, at best, floundering. Maude on the other hand was positively jubilant.


“So, if this doesn’t workout, what do you reckon we ought to do?” said Cat with the sound of Gods laughing away in the background, her manner glum.


“Well, I’m really not too sure. Back to the library I suppose?” said Bast looking from Cat to Maude. “Any suggestions Maude? When do you need to get Death wheels back by the way? I can’t imagine she’ll be too happy without them.”


“Suggestions a’plenty, but they might as well wait until we hear what God has dug up. That, and Death wraps time around herself, so there is no particular rush to get back.” said Maude happily, a Cheshire cat grin covering her long face. “Hey, don’t turn around, but I think those young Gods behind us, the ones in human form standing next to the pool table, are checking us out. Do you girls want a drink?”


“I hadn’t noticed, and it certainly isn’t going to help us find Black Annis if they are, but I could definitely go a pint of absinthe.” lamented Bast.


“I’ll have the same.” chipped in Cat. With that, Maude vanished to the bar. The wiggle in her walked missed by them both.


“Sorry about the wait,” said Maude ten minutes later as she placed three pints of absinthe and a packet of barbecue chips on the table. “I was just chatting with those lads. Do you mind if they join us? I haven’t spoken to a bloke at a pub in a little over 2200 years.”


“Ummm, okay.” said Cat tentatively. “I hope this doesn’t sound like those ‘Famous last words’, but we aren’t having a big night again. We’ve got too much on our plate as it is, plus I’m nearly out of Drachma’s.”


“Good pint this,” said Bast, winking at Maude with a grin the size of the Israeli Defence Budget. “might have another after this. Sounds good Maude, and are those Gods coming over or what?”



“Christ on a bike! Where have you been?” said Cat firmly, the clock on the wall in the kitchen said 9 o’clock, and a near finished breakfast was on the table.


“How did you know Christ dropped me off on his Triumph? it’s a Bonneville you know.


Maude got laid.


Click the picture above, Istanbul, not Constantinople follows. It is pretty groovy too, get amongst it.







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