I could never kill an animal, I’m more of a people person.

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Black Annis woke in cold darkness. Stiff and sore from sleeping on hard grass covered ground she slowly sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes double-handed, full body exhaustion tugging at every muscle, tendon, and ligament. Looking around, standing, she wandered to the massive oak and leaned against its huge gnarled trunk. With a dry mouth she could feel anger bubbling to the surface once more, what she needed now my than anything was blood, lots and lots of blood. Moving away from the tree she started to walk toward the castle where she had wed, the nighttime dark holding no fear for her.


After walking all night, the outline of the castle appeared with the dawn in the middle distance ahead. The central tower, standing proud against the skyline in the manner of a Byzantine minaret, the tops of the walls surrounding the castle reminding her of evenly spaced teeth. Even from this distance, she could see tendrils of smoke coming from the chimneys of those houses huddled within the castle’s thick walls. Passing a creek, Black Annis stepped off the path she had taken, and stripped naked. Stepping into the icy slow moving waters, with handfuls of pristine white sand from the creek, she scrubbed the dust and gore from her body, marvelling at the  huge, black, and purple bruises covering the majority of her skin. Distorted bumps and grazes teased her with shots of pain as she ran her hands over them. Standing in the middle of the little stream she lowered her body into the water, fully immersing herself beneath the freeze crystal waters, and slowly began to smile.


Combing out the wet tresses of her blonde hair with her fingers, Black Annis stood in the morning sun, revelling in its warmth on her nubile naked body. Once the sun had dried her sufficiently she returned her clothes to her body, donning the macabre and grotesque monstrosity that was her hideous cloak of power after lacing up her heavy boots.


Polar bear and baby seal hides, the base materials used in the cloaks construction, had long since disappeared from view. What the casual passer-by would see would easily be confused with a long old and muddy cow hide, complete with a large hood. Rich and glorious blood rendering it blackish in colour, hard enough looking that one may think it a hide not properly tanned, and vaguely bristly. However, it was the charnel stench of the thing that stole all attention. A foul malodorous mixture of death, dead animal and blood.


Without any other traffic, either foot or beast, Black Annis strolled across the lowered drawbridge, making it to the gate unhindered. Smiling and stepping up closely to the guard, winking seductively at him,  without warning she attacked and slaughtered him ferociously, but still with the greatest of glee. Following on with his partner, butchering him with equal happiness and exuberance.


Gouts of blood, both bright arterial and dark venous, flowed sumptuously over her cloak, deliciously covering her arms and hands. Smiling the manic smile of the chronically insane, Black Annis felt the narcotic sensation of the power of her cloak once wrapped back around her.


‘Life is grand, but blood is better.’ she thought as she strolled away from the castle. Stepping off the road, and moving across an open grassy expanse.


After a time, the sun on its downward run toward night, she spotted a finger of smoke stretching to the heavens from beyond a hill in the distance. Black Annis, with joy in her heart and a spring in her step, decided that where ever the smoke was coming from would be her next ‘bit of fun’. All neatly plotted out before her.   


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