The letter I will never send, and you will never read.

A night at sea


This is something extremely different that I wrote as an exercise earlier today.


Dear Mr. Gaiman,


I hope I find you well, and that life is better than you have ever dreamed it to be. It is Tuesday here, the day is glorious.

I have just read the opening dozen or so pages of ‘The View From The Cheap Seats’, your book was a gift from my family this Sunday just gone, as it was Father’s Day here in this very Australia. The words of those pages and your beliefs, as profound as they are, have touched me deeply. Thank you for that. It is because of those words that I find myself, here, now, behind my keyboard writing a letter to you that I will never send, and you will never read. But that is alright.

Your works, your words, have always been something I have found myself thinking about long after I have read them. Be they works of fiction, or words of your own specific to you, and the world we don’t specifically share.

I too believe in libraries and reading and the unparalleled joy I find within both. I believe in escapism, and in the delight and growth reading brings to anyone, but moreso, I believe in the right to read, and to read what you chose.

I believe in thought and opinion, and the freedom to embrace them, regardless of the thoughts and opinions of others. Yet, moreso, I believe in children and magic. Magic to be felt and loved and encouraged within them. Encouraged within all throughout life, and well beyond. I believe children be allowed thought and introspection and emotion, yet it must be a balance of listening and learning and finishing everything that is started.

I believe in women, both real and ethereal. As a male, nay, a man – the years, my achievements and failings, my progeny, all render me so. As part of that knowledge, I believe that women are more intelligent than men; occasionally, women have more than a single brain at some stage of their adult lives, men will only ever carry one. I believe that whilst men are strong, women are tough; could you imagine a man giving birth? I believe that men are only capable of single tasks. Those tasks eventually being  amassed chronologically, yet oddly beyond the perfection of order. Women are multitasking genies, released from some arcane genetic bottle a billion years ago, yet only very recently, very slowly, becoming free. I believe in the warmth of the female form, and the utterly fierce, diamond hard will of women; try coming between a mother and her child with malicious intent. I believe that women, are more equal than men.

I believe in love, the ability to love, the ability to be loved, the right to choose who to love. As much as I despise it, I also believe hate and hatred are necessary evils. I believe I have a poor grasp on punctuation, but that is of little relevance.

I believe that regardless of who someone is, or how they perceive themselves, that they are never the smartest person in any given room, so long as there is another within it; it is contextual. I believe the same of strength and ability.

I believe in success; who wants to go through life as a failure? This too is contextual.

I believe the two most important words in any language are ‘why’, and ‘choice’, neither being more important than the other.

I believe in the recognition of minorities, no one person deserves to be treated any differently to any other. I do not, however, believe in minorities, as no one person deserves to be treated any differently to any other.

Most of all, though. I believe in my wife, she is the light to my families future. I believe in my children, they are the future. I believe in my family, they are my future.

Mr. Gaiman, whilst this wee letter of mine to you has so very little to do with you, it is your words that have brought me here. I thank you for all that you do.


But mostly, I thank you for your words.


With utmost respect,




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  1. What a moving and passionate, thoughtful post. Not to mention gorgeous graphics


    1. Thank you! I am flattered that you not only read it, but enjoyed it also.

      Loving your blog as well.



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