2 thoughts on “Pen of a million words, and other lies.”

  1. I was going to say something about living in an unregarded and artistically isolated city (in Canada, in my case) being bearable and pursue the theme of encouragement in the face of bleakness… but the paucity of books is alarming. One might be tempted to become a Johnny Appleseed of books, leaving them in public places with little tags reading “A Gift FOR YOU!” on them, or even creeping out in the dead of night to plant a “Little Free Library” in a well-trafficked public space.

    Good luck and high daily word-counts to you!


    1. Yes, it is alarming, and yes, the idea of leaving/creating an unmanned public library (think a wooden box, roughly 50cm3, on a pole with a glass fronted door displaying the books on offer) was something tried about 18 months ago. Sadly, not only were the books either stolen or horribly, crudely defaced, the box itself was stolen after about a week! I believe that had this been attempted in a town with a slightly higher socioeconomic base, it would have had much greater success. It would appear that the manual for ignorance is learnt via oral tradition, the printed word of acceptance and introspect being a much harder mountain to climb.

      Either way, thank you so much for your comments, I am flattered you have taken the time to read my wee spiel. Before I sign off, you have a very cool blog, thank you for your words! I seriously dig fountain pens and quills. I use a broad nibbed, self inking fountain pen, one that could just about be used for artistic calligraphy, as my everyday/everything pen. You know you are ‘writing’ with one in your hand, and it gives me great pleasure when taking in the result of its use.

      Cheers once more,


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