See you in Hell, thief in the night.


Hey, hey world!


It would seem that people are more interested in this wee blog than I could ever have imagined! Thank you everyone, your comments, input and encouragement mean so much more to me than any and all could possibly imagine. You are seriously groovy, saying ‘thanks’ alone dulls the sheen of my depth of gratitude to you all. Yet, as nothing more poignant springs to mind, I will say ‘thanks’ all the same.


Sadly,  intellectual property belonging to me has again stolen from my site. I am specifically talking about verbatim, word for word, plagiarism. It is NOT the sharing of links to my site, which I find incredibly flattering incidentally, that I am referring to.  Other places of mine, internet accessible, have also been hit recently. As a result, to my annoyance and greater sadness, I am regrettably removing the site once more. It is far quicker, cheaper, and easier than going through legal channels specific to copyright infringement all over again. Hence, my wee blog will be disappearing shortly, possibly indefinitely.


So, the moral of the story is have air tight security with all you post, and don’t post anything of value anywhere.


With exception to the very few, you are all the very best, and my sincerest good-byes to every one of you.


Oh, as a final thought, click the picture above, Into my arm’s follows.




text only – (+61) 0418393742

All posts and associated intellectual properties regards ‘’ remain ©The World Turned Upside.




5 Comments Add yours

  1. crazykatya says:

    This makes me very sad.


    1. Anonymous says:

      As it does me. Thank you for saying so. N.


  2. As it does me. Thank you for saying so. N.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear this. I wish you the very best, and fully understand.


    1. Thank you. It has left me gutted. N


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