A djinn called ‘Nostalgia’


Just now I found the arms of nostalgia enveloping me. The trigger is yet to broaden it horizons, as it is always the one, that one, sensory trigger that sends me reeling like some cast off top, left to spin out and crash noisily into some obscure corner of the room. Or the mind. My mind.

Music is the monster that makes me weep. Plucking each heart string like a puppeteer with a marionette of the soul. My soul. Who else’s soul could it be?

The music of a moment long past blind sided me as though with a mallet. Leaving me reeling, rocking, and in heart propelled confusion.

You were the music of then, the intrusion of now. The infusion of hot lead poured directly into this, my soul.

I see you now in my mind’s eye, smiling. And so am I. Longing for then, weeping now.

How I miss you, even today. Long gone. Long gone but not forgotten. Not forgotten by the music.




Click the picture above, and you will find that song; her song.








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