3 thoughts on “Un petit psychopathe en bottes (one small psychopath in boots)”

    1. Thank you. It scared the hell out of me, regardless of how farcical the yarn sounds, plus I was about 35 at the time. As an incidental, New Norcia is a Benedictine monastic town in rural Western Australia, and was for about 100 years, a mission for aboriginal children that had been forcibly removed from their parents from all over W.A. As noble as the intentions were of creating a better life and education for those removed, it was more akin to a forced labour camp for the kids, and caused immense sadness for many of them there. Due to the facts above, it is very much a place of spirits, with many of the children there dying, being laid to rest in unmarked graves all around the town. This was not an act of cruelty or ill feeling, it was purely a sign of the times.

      Personally, I thought that all of the yarns of ghosts and the likes around town were absolute bollocks, right up until I had my own encounter. I am somewhat more open minded these days.

      Anyway, that was longer than I intended. Cheers for reading my wee blog, yours is an absolute cracker incidentally, so keep doing that thing you do so well.


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      1. Thank you very much for the backstory on New Norcia. I appreciate that. I can see where it would be haunted because of the residual emotions that remain at the site. So glad you enjoy my blog. I enjoy yours as well!


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