3 thoughts on “Ahhhhhhhhhhh……………you gonna take me home tonight?”

  1. A sad story. I can see why both the blacksmith & the girl would haunt the area. Residual energy is powerful enough to cause apparitions who aren’t ready to cross over.


    1. Yes, it is pretty horrible and incredibly sad. I’m guessing groover that you have realised, however in the case you may not have, everything I have been posting this last week or so amounts to the first drafts of an anthology of the darker side of local folklore, folk life, and personal experience. All have been drawn predominantly from within the three surrounding shires of where I now live, with exception to one or two that occurred around the area I grew up in, some 450-500 km’s south. Plus, I made it an endeavour into oral histories, rather than drawing from local records, etc.

      I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that there is something of a, trying to think of the best word here, spectral(?), unearthly(?) nature at that location. There are too many incidents reported by people over time, specific to the area and entirely disassociated with each other for there not be.

      So there you go.


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