“That’s a funny place to get a dagger stuck!”



‘I remember,’ said The Roman to Death, ‘thinking that “I bet the bloody wife is right” when I spoke to Decimus last night.’

‘Is that so dear?’ replied Death

‘Well I would have expected this from Brutus and Cassius, but Decimus too? Fair enough the young chap is nearly 20 years younger than me, 36 I think, but, he was one of my trusted few!’

‘That is generally the case dear,’ said Death as she severed The Roman’s necrobilical cord with her spectacularly sharp set of secateurs.

A quizzical look fell across The Roman’s face. ‘Hang on, are you Death?’

‘Yes dear.’

‘But you look like my Grandma?’

‘I’m everyone’s Grandma,’ she replied, and vanished with a pop.

‘Hmmm,’ thought The Roman, ‘it’s getting pretty warm in here.’ And indeed it did, Hell is like that.



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  1. I like the character of death that you have created. I never pictured it as a woman like I said before but each story gets better.


    1. Hey hey! Cheers for that groover! I will try to send you a link specific to ‘Death’. She is a lot of fun, and can be a bit nasty. Stand by whilst I have a hunt. N

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Okay, this is still a bit ‘first draft’ish, let me know what you think.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I read this and really liked it. I like how death questioned if the family would be adequately prepared for the death of the patriarch. It made her seem sympathetic.


            1. She is, but, she can be an utter bitch, and has a dog that eats souls. She does like a good cup of tea though.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Nice touches! The dog and the cup of tea.


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