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Hello there world!


Roughly twelve months ago, I put a halt on my collection of oral history/folklore specific to the Shires of Dandaragan, Victoria Plains, and Moora. Basically I ran out of stories.


Unexpectedly, people over the past two months have began showing interest once again in my collected yarns. So much so, they themselves not only asked of my endeavours, but more importantly, wished to share stories of their own with me.


As a result I am reinvigorating my hunt for oral stories, but, FOR ONE DAY ONLY.


This Friday the 24th of February, I will be at –

Jeanne de Moore (a cafe)

97 Gardiner St,

Moora, Western Australia, 6510.

From 10 am through to 1pm.


The Drover’s Inn

Front Bar/Beer Garden

1 Dandaragan St,

Moora, Western Australia, 6510.

From 5pm until I’ve either had too much to drink, or my wife has called and told me to come home.

Let me either buy you a coffee or a beer and help me unearth tales of things now forgotten. Specifically, I am hunting for stories relating to tales of ghosts, bushrangers, strange animals, characters, stories of things that go bump in the night, bush yarns and contemporary legends. Plus anything relating to folklore and folklife around the Shires I mentioned above. Or, just come in and say hello and have a beer or a coffee on me.

That said, could you please give me prior notice if you are thinking of coming to see me. And remember, under no circumstance will I divulge the origins of these tales, unless the person passing the story on specifically asks to be named.

You can contact me via -.

(+61) 0418393742 – text only

Please disseminate this post as far and as wide as possible. I look forward to seeing one and all.

Cheers, and if you are interested, click the picture above for a wee bit of Tuesday afternoon rock and roll.


(+61) 0418393742 – text only

All posts and associated intellectual properties regards ‘’ remain ©The World Turned Upside

2 Comments Add yours

  1. macca525 says:

    I hope you have success gathering more tales for your collection. I wish I could be there! I am looking forward to reading this when you publish it.
    Cheers anne


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