Pains exquisite texture – 1



Thanks to the recent rains, the spot fires lacked the heat to take off and spread through the bush along the roadside. Looking across from her passenger seat, a Constable hung upside down from his seat belt, and it was the steady heat building up in the car, rather than image of her grievous injured colleague, that drove her from a semi-concussed daze. Realising she too was somehow the wrong way up, and that the heat she felt was coming from somewhere in front of the horrifically mangled sedan. The ‘Western Australian Police’ car was not only stuck on its roof, but what was left of the engine bay was on fire.


Unbuckling herself, landing on her head, Senior Constable Maggie Fox’s body folded itself around her in the process. With blood filling her eyes, source yet to be located, she groped around the flattened space trying to get a handhold to pull herself around. Righting herself, she drunkenly wiped the blood from her face, reached across to the driver and yelled at the bloodied Constable. Without response, she shook him, and yet still nothing. Placing two fingers against his neck Maggie searched rapidly for the carotid artery. Probing and pushing vainly, hoping to find a pulse in his dangling form. It was then that she noticed his missing right arm and leg. A loud ‘woof’ came from somewhere within the bonnet. The front of the car exploded into fire. Screaming she looked about herself, and for the first time noticed that the rear of the car had been shorn from the front. The two rear passengers, very senior W.A. Police Officers, were nowhere to be seen. Self preservation kicking in, she fought her way out of the near flat passenger window, dragging herself away on broken legs into the near black night. Adrenaline surging through her, postponing her pain for a time when safety had been achieved. Gasping and nauseous, she stood unsteadily, getting as far away from the flaming broken wreck. Stumbling backwards, Maggie tripped on the edge of the roadside cluvet, flailing, she fell, cracking her head once more, this time on bitumen. The road apparently lifting itself to strike her solidly to the back of her 28-year-old head. Darkness descended on her in a flash.  


Her memory of the minutes and hours thereafter was a mixture of confusion, pain, and bright artificial light. Yellow fluorescent vests floated in and out of her vague line of vision, causing her to wonder if she was among angels. From there, it was weightlessness, and movement, then the darkness of unconsciousness stole all else from her mind.



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  1. Now I need to read more! That is a helluva introduction. Well done.


    1. Thank you so much super groover! Yes, that is the very first ever bit of the new novel I am throwing together. Fingers crossed it works out ok. The next four or five parts will be first draft stuff. Basically, they are the foundation stones for the story to come. This one is a bit of a gamble actually, whilst I am following through with the horror/dark drama/paranormal stuff, just with less of a fantasy spin on it. So, anything of mine entitled ‘Pains exquisite texture’ is all part of the same story. I would be quite interested in finding out what you think of it incidentally, if you have the time of course.

      The story is about a lass who has been badly injured in a car crash, and out of body experiences she has whilst in hospital. But, the out of body stuff is not the here and now. She is drawn into different events that have actually happened. She starts off purely witnessing them from a detached point of view. But as each subsequent event occurs, she slow becomes part of the events. Anyway, my apologies for the long message.

      Cheers groover,



      1. No worries. Never be concerned about the message length. That sounds like an intriguing premise because I know that when we have a near death experience sometimes there are doors that are opened. Keep up the good work!


        1. Cheers groover, and thank you!


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