Waking Nightmare – 1


It took three and a half weeks to track down, but the Moora Police eventually found what they were looking for at Erichs Mechanical on Tootra Street, Moora. The rear trailer that had swung wildly causing loss of life and carnage was in the midst of repair. Upon speaking to both Sam and Mark, son’s of Erich, and heirs to the throne of ‘Erichs’, the pair, individually, gave the police a brief run down on both the damage and repairs to the trailer. After sourcing the appropriate approval to seize the trailer as evidence, the name of the trailers owner, plus the driver who caused the damage to it, were duly approached and questioned. The insurance company undertaking the claim were contacted, and as with the owner and driver, were informed of the incident specific to the vehicle accident, and ordered to provide all paperwork relating to the motor vehicle accident.


After a day or two, officers from Major Crash arrived in Moora. The trailer was inspected, photographed, and towed to Perth for further investigation. From the truck, first trailer and the dolly that had attached the two trailers were also seized, roughly inspected and removed to Perth; closer inspection of all began immediately upon arrival to the Perth yard. Broad charges relating to the death and injury of the officers was prepared, the circuit Magistrate informed, and all parties made aware of the impending proceedings. The truck driver was informed not to leave town, to get a lawyer, and start preparing for a lengthy investigation.


Flanked by Maggie’s treating doctor and Anton King, two Western Australian Police Internal Affairs Officers returned to her bedside, and informed her that both the truck and trailer’s that most likely had been the cause of her accident had been located, seized, and that the owner and the driver were cooperating with the Police in the investigation.


Maggie’s initial response was a silent and blank stare. Tears formed equally silently and fell. Lastly, Maggie vomited. Call buttons alerting nurses of the incident were pressed, and her doctor began to rapidly suction all from her mouth and upper airway. Anton quickly escorted the officers from the room, whereupon they handed him a single business card, and told him to expect to be contacted as the case progressed.


Weeping in gut wrenching sorrow for her daughter, Mrs. Trout wiped what stomach contents remained from Maggie’s cheeks, chin, neck and chest.


It was to be two days until Maggie spoke again. The intensity of her nightmares increased threefold, night terrors swallowed her with such intensity that Maggie relived the accident again, and again, and again. Her screams waking the patients in the rooms either side of her own, and she was moved to the far end of the ward.


Maggie initially watched the accident from a detached perspective, yet as the nightmares progressed, she started to find herself in the accident. Her perspective shifted to the passenger seat. She watched it like exactly as she had been when the police car struck the trailer it over, and over again, sometimes slowly, sometimes in time accurate perspective. The stench of coffee and petrol was overwhelming. Searing heat from the engine fire burnt her arms, the sound of blood dripping from Jock to the upturned roof of the car became more noticeable.There were points in her slumber where the horror would begin prior to the accident, watching the truck slewing across the road, and the inescapable collision with the swinging trailer. On other occasions, Maggie found herself staring at Jock as if she were staring at a photo. Lastly, the image that caused her the greatest confusion, was that of the elderly lady looking down at her, speaking to her.


“……………..as I said my love, it is not your time yet. You still have life, do not waste this, those with you have escaped such a luxury.” said the old lady.


‘Who the hell is she, and why the hell does the old girl keep showing up in my dreams?’ thought Maggie to herself. ‘Am I completely nut’s? What would Anton think if I told him……………..’




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  1. Excellent! I really feel as if I am watching this play out on a movie screen. Very descriptive.


    1. Thank you! A fair bit of sweat has been going into these. I am seriously impressed someone actually likes my crap. You are the best! N.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, N. It isn’t crap. I also like to read talented writers. Believe me quite a bit of what I see in cyberspace is, frankly, horrible. Your writing is like a breath of fresh air.


        1. You are super cool. Thank you!

          Liked by 1 person

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