Waking Nightmare – 4.10 – Maggie Trout update


Hey there World,


A quick update on Maggie Trout, as I have just returned from visiting her in hospital. As far the doctor’s are concerned she is making a good recovery, and Anton the clinical psych. feels her peace of mind is improving. The only person that is showing more concern than usual is her mother. For some reason she believes the stories she has been reading Maggie from ‘Misanthrope’ have been having an odd effect on Maggie. When I pressed her on the issue, she told me that she ‘couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was’ other than she ‘seemed to change’ whenever she read to her. Maggie, oddly, remained silently and somewhat aloof when her mother and I discussed it.


Other than that, the news from ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ is that Bast and the other lasses, along with Death and Mr. D’arcy, have quite literally torn Black Annis limb from limb. I believe Mr. D’arcy thoroughly enjoyed dining on her soul. Vast quantities of Absinthe and Opium Tea are being consumed as we speak, and John D’Arc has finally found love in the arms of a Roman era hairy legged prostitute.


So, beyond all of that, I am finally back from the outer reaches, and I hope to get back into the swing of things once more soonest.


Love you all mostly appropriately, click the picture above for a seriously groovy shovelin’ tune.




(+61) 0418393742 – text only





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  1. I like the update, N. It makes the characters seem like old friends and we are doing a catch up. Clever.


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