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  1. I didn’t expect that story! The idea of dying in dreams reminded me of Nightmare on Elm Street and countless other movies where that is mentioned. Usually when I dream if I remember and someone is in it that has died, I am conversing with them and they are still alive. Could that be the opposite effect? Very well written. I like combining the real story with the legend.


    1. That’s interesting, it had not occurred to me for a second to cast my mind back to the ‘Freddy’ movies, and that people were being hunted and killed as they slept. In the case of Maggie, she isn’t destined to be hunted as her own person in a dream like state. Quite the opposite actually. Yes, I too have regular dreams about friends and family that have passed. I speak with them there as well.

      As to the story within a story, it is something that has been chipping away at the back of my mind for sometime now. Anyway, cheers again for that groovy mover! Hoping your weekend is funkier than a funky thing!


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      1. Always, N. Doing my groovy thing in my groovy time.


        1. Groovy! Ha ha ha ha!

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