The Inaccurate Context of Life – 2


“Hmmmmm…………….” murmured Death in the vague direction of Mr. D’arcy, “it would seem that Maggie is more focussed on the stories than she is on focussing on her recovery.  I hadn’t expected this, bloody book. Oh well, the course must be run, and if she succeeds within herself, she will go onto greatness beyond her imagination. If not, then I will come knocking.”


Mr. D’arcy, the Devourer Of Souls, wagged his tail at the sound of her voice. He was a ‘Good Dog’.


Click the picture above you wacky hip cats, you.




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  1. So Death has a dog or a minion? Nice. I always thought Death worked alone. Interesting work, N.


    1. Mr.D’Arcy is most definitely a dog. A very, very scary dog, he eats the souls of the terminally naughty, and likes tummy rubs.


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