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  1. Maggie is definitely in her own world through the book that her Mom is reading. She is actually becoming one with the action. Very well written.


    1. Thanks groover. I am going to start to pick up the pace in the story soon. In your opinion, has it been slow moving? Obviously this is all first draft crap, but, what has stood out to you that you think could be improved, changed, focussed on, etc.? The story is going to have a direction shift soon incidentally.

      Cheers for the input, appreciate more than I can express. N.


      1. I enjoy the blended worlds of reality collided with fiction. It is early yet to determine pacing because in a book more so than a script you can take your time. Keep up the good work!


        1. Awesome. Cheers groover, I had the same notion, but needed to ask another regardless. All of that said. Tonight I am removing my blog from public view. I have a difficult month/month and a half ahead, and whilst focussing on writing, I won’t be in a position to continue in a public setting. So, you are the best, keep doing the awesome stuff you do, and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORDS!!!!


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          1. Best of luck to you! Thanks for the kind words, N.


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