Introversion, love, hate, and the blemishes of life.


Hey hey World!


As of tomorrow, I am removing my blog spaces from public view. Life has rolled the dice in favour of fate rather than luck, and as such, I am pulling on the personal invisibility cloak of self.


So, whilst Maggie Trout, Bast, Death, and those other pots on the boil are still alive and kicking, they will be inaccessible for the foreseen future, or until publication at least.


To all of those that have followed, commented, given and taken, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have given me. Your words are a far greater inspiration to me than words can truly express.


So, until then, when ever that may be, I will be contactable via the usual means should anyone feel the need to communicate. Oh, click that picture above.


Best to you all, world. Yours,





(+61) 0418393742 – text only

All posts and associated intellectual properties regards ‘’ remain ©The World Turned Upside Down.

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