4 thoughts on “Swashbuckling Rumskulls”

    1. Yes, it wasn’t my finest hour. It is seen as an aphrodisiac in some cultures apparently, which wasn’t the reason we tried it incidentally. Actually, as far as Chinese remedies go, it is far from the worst. Anway, pleased you took the time to read it. You are the best! N.

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      1. Oh, we were both incredibly sick (vomiting) with in about five minutes of consuming the horrid mess. I have absolutely no idea if it worked as an aphrodisiac or not, neither of us had enough of it in us long enough for it to act. Revolting. N.


      2. Wow! I didn’t know that you actually tried it. I would take a hard pass. I know the lads of the Grand Tour when they were Top Gear at the BBC drank snake’s blood vodka or some such drink when they were in Vietnam. YIKES!


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