Death, life, and the bit in between.

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Quick update.


I’m back,




finally I’m getting my arse into gear, digging out four of my unpublished novels, blowing the dust from them, and giving each one a work over. My notion is to have them all sorted by Christmas, and off to publisher’s by February.


So there you go, to the left, here is something I posted on the ‘World Turned Upside Down’ site a few years ago.


“When my daughter Bella was 6, now 13, I was putting her to bed and she asked me about Jesus coming back after a few days, just in time for Easter. After establishing that he came back after three days, she wanted to know three or four things. All I can remember of her questions were a) – did he smell like a dead sheep on Poppy’s farm when they died near the house in summer; and b) – I blame her sister her for this incidentally, “If he came back after three days smelling like a dead sheep, would he be a zombie and eat everyone’s brains?” all said completely seriously. Doing my best not to laugh her straight in the face, as she was asking genuinely concerning questions for her, I told he to ask my mother the next day when we saw her. Which she did. At the table. Over lunch. My dad pissed himself laughing and spat black tea on the floor, my mother, 40 year career in Catholic Education as a teacher, was jaw dropped stumped. Go Bella! I don’t remember what mum eventually said incidentally.” 


Groovy, click the picture at the top or I’ll sook.


Love you all longtime and stuff.



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  1. Suzanne Smith says:

    I’ve always wanted to know, if he was put in the “crypt” on the Friday….shouldn’t it be the Monday that he “rose” and thus celebrate the resurrection on this day and not Sunday???


    1. Concur. More importantly, the calendar of the time was not the same as we use today. The names Monday, Tuesday, etc. as we know them, didn’t come around for the next thousand years. Adding to that, it was through the Emperor Constantine that the times of year these thing occur, were thought up and decided upon by a large council, and were designed to coincide with pre-existing pagan days of religious importance. The list goes on, personally I find it fascinating. You are the best.


      1. Suzanne Smith says:

        I too find it fascinating…but all good stories must be plausible…and the ones in the book called the bible are far from it in oh so many ways…at least it gives me a good laugh whenever I decide to delve into its pages 😉


  2. D. Roman says:

    Your daughter’s musings made me laugh—and leads me to believe a Catholic education turns out more healthy skeptics—myself included. As I write this, an army of convent nuns are praying for me in the hopes I turn my pen to poems about the Lord, instead of witches and demons. Gotta say, the prayers don’t seem to be working.


    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Indeed, and the prayers at this end have proved wayward as well.

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