Introspect revisited


The things I treasure.

Health and well being of my children and my wife.
I treasure the individuality they all possess;
the ability of choice, and the choices life will grant them,
and take away.

Their happiness, and their ability to live in the places,
they choose to live.
The smell of my children’s hair when they hold me,
my wifes smile speaking volumes more than words.

I no longer treasure memories, as they are the nostalgia,
taking me to places I loved.
Places now gone, places I can never revisit,
to a life I loved, yet will never be relived.

Memories are the pain and craving for people,
places, and things I will never have again.
Knowing I will never live where I want to live again,
nor have the objects I once treasured.

Yet, my treasure lies in the eye’s of my children,
and the arms of my wife.

My life.


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