Books; a poem.




fuck I love books.

Cat’s are good too.

I wish I was drunk,



Click the picture above love.





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  1. Damn, yes, same over here.

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    1. It poses an interesting perspective that the simplicity of such a tiny statement, can encompass the whole of a person’s view of them selves so succinctly. I’m not sure if it is tragic, profound, or just is. It could just be something cool, it might even be a beat poem akin to Mike Myers poem from ‘So I married an axe murderer.’?

      But yes “Books,
      fuck I love books.
      Cat’s are good too.
      I wish I was drunk,

      You rock, and stay groovy!


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      1. As a matter of fact I just both love books and cats. The second to the last line just added up nicely as it matched well with my current darker mood.
        By the way, the art of hergé represents the biggest inspiration for my art. I started examining his comics before I even could read. Thus, I was very curious about your website, following your icon (favourite character, too). And I find it very cool. And the poem is just fucking rock’n’roll. Thank you.

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  2. Dafydd McKimm says:

    Yes to all of this; i sort of feel like you’ve summed up my life in 15 words . . .

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    1. Yes, and sadly, I summed up my own with the briefest of words. Your life is good, enjoy it.


  3. You write some intriguing stuff! Also, thanks so much for following my blog!


    1. Thank you, and it is an absolute pleasure! N.


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