Savage fist of love


A Moora reality.


Right, I live in Australia, so I am Australian? Which means I live in Australasia, so I’m Australiasian, AND Oceania (thanks to the tectonic plate) meaning I am Oceanian? However, Australia left the Oceania Football League in 2005, and joined the Asian Football league, therefore I am Asian? Although, due to British colonisation in Australia, I would have been British, and then thanks to the six colonies banding together, and with the Queens blessing, as of the 1st of January 1901, declares me Australian. Or Asian, or Australasian, or Oceanian or one belonging to the Commonwealth?

But, because of my skin colour I am a “White Dog”, and “what the f*** are you looking at you white c***?! I’ll smash you!” which are two things that were said to me by the same person that happened to be walking past our place yesterday afternoon. His wee rant was entirely unprovoked (I wasn’t even looking in his direction), all whilst my wife was getting the shopping out of her car. So, obviously history, politics, technology, and geography count for nothing, it is the local culture that defines me. 

I think I just saw the future flash before my eyes.


God bless Moora.


I posted that two years ago. Sadly, nothing has changed in that time. Tragic really. Anyway, click the picture above, something funky lies within.




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  1. rugby843 says:

    Those are some wild seventies outfits. Like the song. I almost added “white boy” after song, but didn’t want to offend…😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha ha!!! Yep, they are some funky threads, and some groovy ‘fro’s.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rugby843 says:

        And those dance moves, I’d forgotten them! I think that’s a good thing

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Absolutely, combined with the conundrum of a blind chap finding the need to keep the sun out of his eyes, whilst in a television studio.


          1. rugby843 says:

            Shades, man, goota be cool


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