Devil’s High Heels

belly dance


“Indeed dear. Sorry, Miss Couture was it? I’m Mrs. Fox, do come in.” said in a lilting Scot’s accent.

Adeline followed Mrs. Fox down the short polished floorboard passage. Taking in those things that people adorn walls with as she did so, yet nothing was so eye catching that she slowed her progress for further examination.

Mrs. Fox continued through the house and onto the back veranda. She offered Adeline a chair next to a well scrubbed kitchen table, which she took. Sitting prim and ramrod straight as she did so.

Accepting Mrs. Fox’s offer of tea, Adeline sat quietly, waiting for Mrs. Fox to finish preparing it, and to return with the tea tray.

The relative silence of the back yard gave cause for her to pick up every small sound; she could hear Mrs. Fox humming and walking around her kitchen. Birds and crickets made bird and cricket noises across a well tended lawn. There was a vague sound as though someone was screaming, although the person must be quite some distance away she thought. The sound quite dull in her ears.

Giving thanks to God that the milk was still fresh, the weather being as warm as it had been recently, Adeline got down to business. Mrs. Fox was extraordinarily interested in all Adeline had said, to the point that she asked for the stack of pamphlets Adeline had set beside herself on the table. “I will pass these gems to the Women’s Service Guilds of Western Australia ladies, when we next meet. The cause is far more relevant than many folk realise, if not more so. They will be able to get the word out to remarkable distances, from where we sit.”

Mrs. Fox apologising, stood, stating the leaflets would be all but forgotten, should she not put them with her ‘Guild Ladies’ articles for future discussion. Feeling rather impressed with herself, Adeline continued to sip her tea, finishing the macaroon before her as she did so.

The muted screaming continued just on the farther reaches of Adeline’s hearing. Yet she dismissed it as something beyond her control, and geographically outside of her reach should aid be required.

With spectacular suddenness, exquisite sharp pain and immense pressure threw Adeline forcefully onto the table. Tea cups, macaroons, and tea spoons leaping into the air in a rare defiance of gravity. A cavalry sword from the century prior extended vertically from her back, impaling her through the left shoulder blade, lodging deep within her chest.

“Hells! I am terribly sorry Miss Couture but it would appear I am off the mark so to speak.” laughed Mrs. Fox. “I will have to try to be somewhat more accurate this time. But, rather unlike yourself my dear, this won’t hurt me a bit.”

With a booted foot firmly placed against Adeline’s back, the sword was powerfully torn from her back and body. Still laughing, Mrs. Fox dragged Adeline from her chair, dashing her onto the wooden boards of the veranda, leaving her face up. Pain, loss of negative air pressure from within her pueral cavity, a destroyed lung, and fear stealing all sound from Adeline’s lips; her eye’s slowly losing focus.

Once more Mrs. Fox’s boot pinned Adeline. Repeated vicious stabbing and laughter came next. Blood jumping from Adeline’s broken body again and again and again.

When Death found Adeline, the white of her blouse was bloody and ragged. Through the ether Adeline saw herself in horrific disarray on the floor of Mrs. Fox’s lounge.

After severing Adeline’s necrobilical cord, freeing her soul from her body, Death gazed at Adeline and said not unkindly, “Adeline Couture I have a job for you before you go any further.” With that she explained to Adeline what had to be done, and that she would not release her until the job had been finished. With that, Death collected the spectacularly sharp secateurs that she had replaced her scythe with a millenia ago, and vanished.     



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  1. S. Chersis says:

    I hope to see what happens next. And I’m curious to how this may relate to Cocaine & Champagne…!


    1. It is all related, although I am putting snippets up, albeit out of sequence. Cheers.

      Liked by 1 person

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