Strain the glass through your teeth.



Through the dust of the glass box, papers could be seen within it, filling it completely. Yellowed with age, and on casual observance, ink all but faded beyond legibility.

More phone calls were made, and a Mrs. Heather Fuchs the Western Australian Museum arriving within an hour. The vehicle she arrived in containing everything from cotton gloves, ultraviolet lights, and forceps, through to plastic sheeting, extraction fans and chemicals generally only known to year 10 Chemistry students or bomb makers, and very few others.

A time lapse of four hours had Heather phoning her husband Klaus in their Subiaco home, explaining that she hoped to be home tomorrow morning at the earliest. Stating though that she expected to be working throughout the night upon the veritable grail she had beneath her fingers. His Viennese accented response acknowledging all Heather had said. He was secretly delighted as he would be able to give the homebrew a nudge tonight, without the chance of reprisal.

Chemical, patience, physical endurance, and entrenched academia had Heather finally deciphering the contents of the papers at exactly 1.03pm the following day.

Mrs. Heather Fuchs of the Museum of Western Australia found thus, upon the aged pages laid before her.



‘Forward – As my diaries only portray a somewhat clinical approach to my time at Fremantle Public Hospital, I feel there is more warranting inclusion. This is in respect to those things, whilst important, I neglected to include in my previous diary related scratching. Throughout, I will be making sporadic facsimiles of my diary entries in the piece to follow; I hope to create an air of things exactly as they were the day they occurred.

I believe this tale to be fascinating, macabre, and most of all, entirely true; no matter how fanciful and unreal it may appear to be.

Hence, I will open at the start, but most certainly not at the beginning.

I title these accounts as –

‘An account of time served in Fremantle Public Hospital, and the greater Fremantle area; 1919 – 1920; Dr. Jean (John) G. Peel, Surgeon-Major (retired).


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  1. rugby843 says:

    Another teaser… the music.

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  2. So suspenseful!


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