Mob of one

Feet for fire


As far as he was concerned, temper and rage; nothing more than weakness through emotion. It was the ability to think, not feel, that gave cause to the success of man. It is not what people feel that truly matters in the long run, it is how they think and act that defines them. It is the only way to enter and leave any given situation.


It is not callous, it is not not evil nor nasty, it is the moment and success that matters. Emotions are nothing more than an encumbrance to the mind, embraced by the weak and dull of wit.




He learned long ago, that while it was easier to put a bullet into someone, bury them on private farming property unnoticed and unknown by the farmer, it was not good for sustainable profitability. It was not the way to ensure bills got paid, and cash flow had to continue. The dead are no good to anyone.


Life, generally, perplexed him. For the most part, he just didn’t get it. He was exceptionally intelligent, but many things went completely over his head, particularly when it came to people. Insinuations and nuances were lost on him, and he believed what people told him, regardless of outrageousness. He did because it didn’t occur to him to think that anything told to him was anything other than a statement of fact. When posed with a problem that required solving, he would appear aloof, not immediately replying. He quite often remained silent for longer than was comfortable for the person doing the asking. What was happening, however, was his silent thought process, exploring the question, never the problem, from every one of the millions of conceivable angles available to him. When he did finally did respond, the answer have gave, whilst 100% accurate, was generally entirely wrong contextually. Rhetorics were missed by him. People often thought they had gotten the better of him, as it was generally assumed that he was simple. It would not be until later that they would find they had received everything they had asked for from him, and for the most part did not enjoy it. That said, he was neither cruel nor kind, he had no time for either of those states of mind. There were only actions to achieve results, nothing more nor less.


He never got bored.


He was deeply curious about everything.


He always knew exactly where he was.




Click the picture above. Something lurks within.






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  1. rugby843 says:

    Loved the video, watched more of their music. You expand my music every post.


    1. Ha! Thank you. Music is how emotion sounds, and I derive great pleasure from attaching it to my posts. I’m pleased you enjoy it. N.


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