Sobriety, the curse of the damned.

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Cold sweat and steady rain dripped from every part of her being; terror gnawed at her gut, and her nausea was overpowering. Lithe legged she ran, not ‘to’, but rather it was the ‘from’ that had her sprinting in sans bra and undies in a pair of old jeans, an older tee shirt and bare feet.

Rounding a corner, the black night held terrors for her not previously imagined. Steady hard rain causing her to slip sideways in this piece of Western Australian suburbia. As she fell, she rolled to deftly spring back up and she ran and ran and ran.

Half an hour prior on this stormy Thursday night, Agnes had answered her blue front door wearing her old and comfortable greenish knee length bathrobe. The man delivering her pizza greeted her by punching her powerfully in the mouth; knocking her down, and dragging her into her lounge room by her shower damp hair. Hurriedly, hungrily, he tore the robe from her semi concussed form; a thought passed behind his eyes and he punched her again in the mouth, stood, and strode to the door he had first entered, closing then locking it.

In leaving her for the door, Agnes acted, grabbing the hard backed Oxford Concise

Dictionary she had been using as she wrote an essay on ‘Globalisation in the Asia Pacific Region: 2000 to 2010’ from the corner of a low coffee table, Agneslaunched herself,bringing the heavy book down with all force against his temple again and again and again.

Puffing, vomiting, Agnes moved to her bathroom, re-showered, and dragged on an old tee shirt and jeans. Re-entering the lounge she found the man was gone from where she had left him. Fear poured ice through her soul knowing only that he must still be within her Fremantle flat.

Agnes unlocked her door, and sprinted through it. Two paces further and the man who came with the pizza yelled obscenity at her, and her nightmare exploded around her once more.

Agnes ran and ran and ran.


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